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Revolutionizing urban mobility, by simplifying parking for everyone.



provide cities with personalized solutions

We specialize in providing cities with customized solutions that cater to their distinct and evolving needs. We understand that every urban area faces unique challenges, from traffic management to environmental sustainability.


– We, at Phista Technologies, specialize in efficient space utilization. We optimize parking space allocation through data-driven insights. By analyzing real-time data, we help cities ensure that parking spots are utilized to their maximum capacity, reducing congestion and optimizing land usage.

– We also excel in enforcement and compliance. Our advanced parking management solutions help cities enforce parking regulations effectively. Through automated monitoring and ticketing systems, we assist municipalities in ensuring compliance with parking rules, ultimately improving traffic flow and safety.


Mobility and Data Analytics

– We provide Traffic Insights: Our platform collects valuable traffic data that cities can use to analyze traffic patterns, identify congestion points, and optimize traffic flow. This data is crucial for urban planning and can lead to smarter infrastructure decisions.

– We also offer User Behavior Analysis: By analyzing user behavior and preferences, our platform can assist cities in tailoring mobility solutions to meet the specific needs of their residents, leading to more efficient transportation networks.


 – Real-Time Parking Availability /Traffic Information: Providing real-time information on parking space availability helps drivers locate parking spots quickly, reducing the time spent circling for parking and cutting down on traffic congestion.


Our approach to parking management, mobility and data analytics, and smart parking solutions can significantly enhance the quality of life in cities by reducing congestion, improving traffic flow, and promoting sustainable transportation options. Your dedication to innovation and user-centric solutions is instrumental in addressing urban mobility challenges.

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