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How can I book a parking space through the Phista app?

To book a parking space, follow these simple steps:

   – Download and install the Phista app on your iOS or Android mobile device.

   – Create an account or log in with your credentials.

   – Use the search function to find an available parking space near your desired location.

   – Review the listing details, rates, and availability, then select the space that suits you.

   – Click “Book” and follow the instructions to finalize your reservation and make the payment.

   Please note that each monthly reservation is renewed every month, and you can cancel the reservation for the following month. Please refer to our cancellation policies.

 Phista accepts payments by credit cards. You can add your payment information to your account to facilitate the reservation process. All transactions are processed securely

 In case of an issue, damage, or theft of your vehicle during your reservation, please immediately contact the relevant authorities, report the incident to your auto insurance company, and follow the necessary procedures. Phista Technologies Inc. disclaims any liability for such incidents. We encourage you to obtain appropriate insurance to cover risks associated with using our services.

To cancel a reservation, log in to your Phista account, open the relevant reservation, and select “Cancel Reservation.” Please note, however, that:

   – If you cancel more than 5 days before the renewal, no fees will be charged for the reservation.

   – Less than 5 days before the renewal of the next month’s subscription, 50% of the cost of the next month will be charged as a cancellation fee.

 To offer your parking space for rent on Phista, follow these simple steps:

   – Log in to your Phista account or create one if you don’t already have one.

   – In the app or website menu, look for the “Add Parking Space” from the “Owner” menu.

   – Fill in the required information, such as space location, availability, rates, and add photos to showcase your space attractively.

   – Follow the instructions to publish your listing.

   – Your parking space will be visible to Phista users after our services verify it, and you can start receiving reservation requests. 

 After the validity of the reservation is confirmed, Phista will transfer funds directly to your bank account following the payment terms you have set. This process typically occurs at the end of each month. Ensure that you provide correct and up-to-date payment information in your Phista account for efficient transfers.

Please note that transfer timelines may vary depending on your financial institution and payment options available in your region.

Phista charges a commission of 20% on the total amount of the parking space rental transaction. This commission is levied to cover the costs associated with managing reservation services, payment security, platform promotion, and user support.

When setting the rate for your parking space on Phista, please take this commission into account to ensure you receive the desired amount after deducting Phista’s commission.

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