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Elevating Urban Mobility, One Parking Space at a Time.

Welcome to Phista Technologies Inc., where innovation meets convenience in the world of parking management and urban mobility. Established with a vision to transform how people access and utilize parking spaces, we are dedicated to creating a seamless and user-centric platform that simplifies parking for everyone.

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To simplify urban mobility and enhance the quality of urban living by connecting people with convenient parking solutions, fostering sustainable transportation practices, and collaborating with cities to optimize parking resources.


Our vision is a future where urban mobility is seamless and sustainable. We aspire to be the leading innovators in parking management, working hand in hand with cities to create smarter, more efficient urban environments. We envision a world where finding parking is easy, congestion is reduced, and the urban experience is improved for everyone


Innovation: We continuously strive to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions that simplify parking and improve urban mobility.

Convenience: Our user-friendly platform makes finding and booking parking spaces effortless.

Custom Solutions: We partner with cities to develop tailored parking management strategies that meet their unique needs.

Sustainability: We are dedicated to reducing traffic congestion, minimizing environmental impact, and creating greener urban environments.

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Join us on this exciting journey towards a smarter, more accessible, and sustainable urban future. Whether you’re a parking space owner, a driver in search of convenient parking, or a city looking for innovative parking solutions, Phista Technologies Inc. is here to make parking work for you. Together, we can transform parking into a seamless and efficient experience, one parking space at a time.



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